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Collar Dogs
Cap Badges
Collar Dogs
Cap Badges
Kings Crown:
Collar Dogs
Cap Badges
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Collar Dogs
Cap Badges
Cloth Flashes

Militia : Cap Badges

Here is a sample of only a few of the thousands of items we currently have in stock.
If you would like to purchase an item simply click on the image and follow the directions.
If you are looking for something you do not see, send us an email - we will gladly respond.
We can also help you search for those impossible to find items - email us for further details.

ID Image Product Name Price Quantity in Stock
CD.16CD.16 TRH$110.00Can 1
CD32CD32 - Academie de la Salle Cadet Corps 211$0.00Can
HP.163HP.163 38th Brant Battalion (Dufferin Rifles)$250.00Can 1
HP.177HP.177 42nd Lanark And Renfrew Regiment$200.00Can 1
HP.190HP.190 48th Regiment (Highlanders) $200.00Can 1
HP.205HP.205 57th Regiment Peterborough Rangers$100.00Can 1
HP.21HP.21 Busby Badge$150.00Can 1
MC.21MC.21 12th Manitoba Dragoons$165.00Can 1
MC.28MC.28 18th Mounted Rifles$575.00Can 1
MC.49MC.49 30th Regiment (British Columbia Horse)$130.00Can 1
MC.51MC.51 31st Regiment British Columbia Horse$175.00Can 1
MISC.001MISC.001 Old Comrades Club$125.00Can 1
MISC.002MISC.002$400.00Can 1
MM.103MM.103 22nd Regiment (The Oxford Rifles)$225.00Can 1
MM.113MM.113 28th Perth Regiment$80.00Can 1
MM.115MM.115 29th Waterloo Regiment$75.00Can 1
MM.115BMM.115B 29th Waterloo Regiment$150.00Can 1
MM.122MM.122 33rd Huron Regiment$250.00Can 1
MM.131MM.131 37th Regiment (Haldimand Rifles)$110.00Can 1
MM.142MM.142 Duke of Cornwall$90.00Can 1
MM.144MM.144 44th Lincoln And Welland Regiment$100.00Can 1
MM.153MM.153 48th Regiment (Highlanders)$125.00Can 1
MM.158MM.158 50th Regiment (Gordon Highlanders)$125.00Can 1
MM.161MM.161 51st Regiment (Soo Rifles)$150.00Can 1
MM.172MM.172 57th Regiment Peterborough Rangers$125.00Can 1
MM.177MM.177 59th Stormount And Glengary Regiment$175.00Can 1
MM.190MM.190 63rd Regiment (Halifax Rifles)$175.00Can 1
MM.192MM.192 63rd Regiment (Halifax Rifles)$130.00Can 1
MM.195MM.195 65th Regiment Carabiniers Mont Royal$80.00Can 1
MM.200MM.200 66th Regiment (Princess Louise Fusiliers)$125.00Can 1
MM.202MM.202 68th Kings County Regiment$125.00Can 1
MM.224MM.224 79th Camerons$80.00Can 1
MM.230MM.230 84th St-Hyacinthe Regiment$250.00Can 1
MM.245MM.245 90th Regiment Winnipeg Rifles$225.00Can 1
MM.247MM.247 90th Regiment Winnipeg Rifles$125.00Can 1
MM.250MM.250 91st Regiment Canadian Highlanders$275.00Can 1
MM.251MM.251 91st Regiment Canadian Highlanders$450.00Can 1
MM.259MM.259 96th The Lake Superior Regiment$325.00Can 1
MM.262MM.262 98th Regiment$75.00Can 1
MM.264MM.264 100th Winnipeg Grenadiers$0.00Can SOLD
MM.269MM.269$140.00Can 1
MM.270MM.270 103rd Regiment (Calgary Rifles)$115.00Can 1
MM.278MM.278 106th Regiment Winnipeg Light Infantry$100.00Can 1
MM.28MM.28 2nd Regiment, Queens Own Rifles Of Canada$140.00Can 1
MM.281MM.281 108th Regiment$125.00Can 1
MM.29MM.29 2nd Regiment, Queens Own Rifles Of Canada$0.00Can 1
MM.31MM.31 3rd Battalion Victoria Rifles Of Canada$90.00Can 1
MM.32MM.32 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles Of Canada$110.00Can 1
MM.38MM.38 5th Regiment Royal Scots Of Canada$700.00Can 1
MM.50MM.50 7th Regiment (Fusiliers) $75.00Can 1
MM.52MM.52 8th Battalion Royal Rifles$130.00Can 1
MM.54MM.54 8th Battalion Royal Rifles$125.00Can 1
MM.54WMMM.54WM 8th Battalion Royal Rifles$85.00Can 1
MM.58MM.58 9th Regiment Voltigeurs De Quebec$0.00Can SOLD
MM.7MM.7 The Royal Canadian Regiment $100.00Can 1
MM.71MM.71 12th Battalion York Rangers$175.00Can 1
MM.74MM.74 12th Regiment York Rangers$80.00Can 1
MM.91MM.91 19th St Catharine's Regiment$110.00Can 1
MM.95MM.95 19th Lincoln Regiment $85.00Can 1
MM.99MM.99 20th Regiment (Halton Rifles)$140.00Can 1
MS.10MS.10 Royal Canadian Artillery$120.00Can 1
PB.82PB.82 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles Of Canada$125.00Can 1
Q.111Q.111$125.00Can 1
SBP.109SBP.109 14th Regiment The Princess Of Wales' Own Rifles$150.00Can 1

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